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Welcome To Blue Blood Kennels

Welcome to Blue Blood Kennel, home of the American “Blue Blood” Bullies.  We specialize in blue and tri-color pti bulls with an old-school flair for conformation and athleticism, without sacrificing big bone, block-head, muscle and temperament.

Our dogs are throwbacks as a result of selective breeding for size and athleticism.  We believe in healthy working dogs not just big dogs.  But don’t get it twisted, we have 100+ lb dogs, with massive head, big bone and muscle, but our dogs are bred to be game changers and show stoppers, not couch potatoes.


Our Breeds

Some Research About Dog bites

According to research done by Glen Bui VP of American Canine Federation shows the following stats, which is a more accurate representation of true bite stats since it actually includes the number of fatal attacks divided by the population, which is required to determine fatal attacks based on breed.

  • Apx. 240,000 – 12 Fatal Attacks Chow Chow .705%
  • Apx 800.000 – 67 Fatal Attacks German Shepherds .008375%
  • Apx. 960,000 – 70 Fatal Attacks Rottweiler .00729%
  • Apx. 128.000 – 18 Fatal Attacks Great Dane .01416%
  • Apx. 114,000 – 14 Fatal Attacks Doberman .012288%
  • Apx. 72,000 – 10 Fatal Attacks St Bernard .0139%
  • Apx 5,000,000- 60 Fatal Attacks American Pit Bull Terrier .0012%


What Clients Say

Thank you for the wonderful experience and a great puppy.
Susan Evans, Atlanta
It great to have a pure pitbull.  Thanks for providing the genealogy of your litter.
Mark Anthony, Dallas
My daughter loves her little puppy.  Thanks for all your help.]
Sharon Thomas, Riverdale

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*** We breed for face, body, structure, temperament, consistency, show quality ***